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Haru walking around with his ladel (◡‿◡✿)


Is it just me or do the cats in this episode symbolise Haruka carefully looking after Nagisa…?


"to me he was the coolest guy"
naruto this man killed your parents

Free! Eternal Summer ep. 5 - Haru

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Free! ES ep. 6 Preview
Rin & Haruka feat. Rei
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Free! Eternal Summer ep. 05: Rin & Haru feat. Rei {Ep 6 preview}

Rin: It’s prefecturals at last. Let’s get pumped up! But what’s wrong, Rei?
Rei: Rin-san, Haruka-senpai won’t let go of that canned mackerel!
Haruka: This isn’t just any mackerel! It’s mackerel pole-fished at the junction of the Pacific Ocean and the Seto Inland Sea, renowned for its freshness. This is a legendary canned mackerel—-!
Rin: Confiscated!
Haruka: Hhh!
Rei: Next Episode: Invincible Prime!
Haruka: Give it back, Rin!
Rin: Haru, I’ll teach you what a true legendary canned mackerel is!


when ur up too late and ur mom comes in ur roomimage


monstrous-nightmare asked: also I hope you like dominos pizza. yes, she does in fact live exactly one block away from the store. yes, she does have it delivered.


monstrous-nightmare asked: what number did I leave off on? ∞) check to make sure victoria is wearing her actual glasses and not her sunglasses if you drive around at night with her, she's very bad at remembering to switch them until she realizes she's been driving completely blind at 80 mph for 30 minutes already.

I would like to dispute this but I can’t

monstrous-nightmare asked: 5) Traffic is terrible here. Just know that. Traffic is terrible and Victoria is 100% committed to following the same rules of LA drivers where blinkers are a thing of the past. 6) I hope you are ready to be completely appalled by Victoria's eating habits. They are worse than she makes them seem, if that's even possible. I was so worried for her health that I took her chicken soup my mother made so that she would have something other than a cookie.

omg there’s more

monstrous-nightmare asked: 3) don't be alarmed when fat tony sticks her paw in the mail slot. also, for your own sanity, assume it actually is fat tony and not a horrifying raccoon. 4) Victoria's mother calls all the outside cats "bobcats" and "mountain lions". they usually aren't actually deadly large cats.


monstrous-nightmare asked: warnings to ami: 1) do not I repeat DO NOT eat anything Victoria's mother gives you unless you would like your mouth to be the approximate temperature of the sun's surface. I have yet to recover from the flaming tomato incident of 2008. 2) you really don't want to go on trips with her and her mother unless you like screaming matches and angry swerves around the road while Victoria drives (buckle up. tightly.)

only two warnings? thought I… and then….