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;w; every time I watch yowapeda I question these two’s relationship lol

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Well, in theory, a blast of human passion could shock the mainframe into a cold start.

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I’m your backup, Veronica. 

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Anonymous asked: sorry to inconvenience you, but how do you play our two bedroom story? i can't seem to find it :(

Ah, well first I should note it’s not free, you have to buy routes. You can preview the routes though (and the prologue is free) before making a decision. I know some people do that and then watch the game on Youtube.

Otherwise, it’s available for Android devices or on iPhones/iPads. The other option is BlueStacks. I just got a new phone but before that I have played Voltage games on BlueStacks so I can confirm that option does work.

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Jesus fucking Christ, is this real?

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I was like “wow my fujoshi senses are tingling” AND THEN

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Annie Edison + Outfits (Season 5)

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Hey tumblr, have you ever thought to yourself, “dang it’d sure be cool to set a project in something other than the current times,” but when you go to look up references on google, all you get is a horrible historical pastiche of days gone by?

Well boy howdy, do I have a reference for you!

The Wishbook Web has scans of entire consumer catalogs from past decades, ranging from the early 30s to the late 80s. Each catalog has pages upon pages of reference of clothing, accessories, and shoes for all ages, as well as toys, gadgets, and all sorts of junk that you might buy for yourself or your loved ones. While the website exclusively has Christmas catalogs, the photos and illustrations show products that you could use year-round.

this needs a reblog.

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I feel like everyone is slowly getting more attractive throughout the series

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Who’s going to break the news to him?

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