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  • Villain: I'm going to stop you from being boss
  • Tsuna: I don't want to be boss
  • Villain: I'm going to stop you anyways
  • Tsuna: welp
  • Villain: wow I didn't stop you
  • Tsuna: I still don't want to be boss
  • Villain: I'll be your friend now to help you stay boss, in a cold and distant way.
  • Tsuna: but I don't want to be boss
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Vongola Decimo's self-proclaimed right hand man.
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家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! Hidden Bullet light novels [A5 double-sided fold out art]

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Anime/Manga favorite characters (1/?)
➤ Dino Cavallone 【Katekyo Hitman Reborn!】

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Lal Mirch  Colonnello | Requested by luminacrystal
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4 / 20 Favourite males || Superbi Squalo

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by: 桐世@サイトできた

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「REBORN!」/「中路」の漫画 [pixiv]

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8/18 by はつる

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When I die I think my tombstone should say “She ate so much and was so happy”

Sorry for all the food spam I have been posting on er on other social networks, Y was on leave so we literally ate our way through the holidays together. It was pretty good and we might have one last really good Italian lunch before he has to go back.. I get embarrassed drawing us though, so here are some full and happy fictional people instead

(argh I messed up.. WELL.. I guess this is the AU where Squalo decided to follow Dino instead and never lost a hand.. sorry)

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